Will you like free movie and TV sites better or prefer paid streaming services?

If you have not yet watched TV shows or movies on paid streaming services or on free sites (123movies, for example), you may be wondering which of them you will like the best.

After all, with many options available, you might as well be sure you are choosing the right one before you start watching.

Free sites are free — If money is a priority, then watching your favorite TV shows and movies on free sites may be the right choice for you. These will allow you to watch hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows without having to spend one cent.

Paid streaming services, on the other hand, require a monthly fee. While the fee is low, not everyone can afford to pay it, so it can become an expense you would rather not have.

Customizing your viewing experience — If you like to be able to find a lot of content in search, then add it to a library as you find it, a good streaming service is likely to be your best bet.

Most streaming services make it very easy to customize your viewing experience, and to be able to keep tabs on what you are watching. Free sites, on the other hand, generally do not.

Your privacy — While free sites may not offer a customizable viewing experience, they do tend to be better for your privacy.

This is because they do not monitor your viewing practices, they do not keep records of what you watch and they do not take down any personal information. This means they do not even know who you are.

Paid streaming services not only require you to give your personal details to them, they also take your credit card information. Then they monitor everything you watch, and keep those records permanently.

If privacy is an issue, avoid the paid streaming services and go for free instead.

Do you like unusual shows and movies? — Many paid streaming services have an enormous library of unusual TV shows and films. They also add more of them every month. If you like foreign films, they have these as well.

Even with the large libraries of streaming services, however, you will often discover the free sites have even more of them. If unusual shows are more to your liking, then start your viewing online with a free site first.

Faster access to new episodes — Streaming services buy TV shows from most of the major TV stations. They are often a season or two behind, however, and that can mean you are a year behind your favorite show compared to if you decide to watch it on television.

With a free site, they will usually get new episodes the day after they air. If you want to be able to keep up with all your favorite shows as they are being aired, then using a free site tends to be the best option. Especially if you do not want to be years behind your friends.