All Time Most Recommended Books to Read

Books are the work of sheer wisdom. One who is in the habit of reading good books never falls short of brilliant ideas and ability to grasp difficult concepts, which are incomprehensible to a huge lot, which is not in the habit of exploring the world through books?

Give below is a list of books you must consider giving a read at least once in a lifetime:

1- Hamlet authored by William Shakespeare

It is the longest play ever written by the legendary William Shakespeare. Hamlet is the protagonist of this play. Witty discourse, courtly and elaborate language is used in a classical manner, which make the novel stand out among his other work. For a good majority of people, the hamlet is no less than a philosophical character that expounds ideas suchlike existentialist, relativist and skeptical. “To be, or not to be” is the best example as far as existentialism is concerned. A subjectivist idea expressed by Hamlet is in the example where he utters: “there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”. This idea finds its origin in Greek Sophists, to whom nothing could ever be perceived except through senses. Since everybody has a different level of perception so there is no such thing as absolute truth. In fact, all truths are relative. The book abounds with similar ideas that serve as a food for thought. That is not all about it; Hamlet also touches upon some religious, psychoanalytic, and feminist angles.

2- War and Peace authored by Leo Tolstoy

This novel is one of the finest achievements of Russian literature. By depicting the stories of the aristocratic Russian families, the aftermath of Napoleonic era on the Tsarist society and the detailed history of Russian invasion by French, the novel addresses the pertinent issues, which are the hallmark of any existing human society. “With peace is war and with war is peace” is one of the realities this novel depicts. The novel is more of a philosophical discussion than being narrative. “War and Peace” is a beautiful poetic historical chronicle and a must read.

3- Wuthering Heights authored by Emily Bronte

The only novel by Emily Bronte who died the following year she completed her master literary piece is now extensively regarded as a classic of English literature. Its depiction of physical and mental cruelty is what makes the novel controversial. Not only that, this novel challenged the strictly held Victorian ideals of today. Other issues covered by the novel include gender inequality, morality, social discrimination, and religious hypocrisy. The novel inspired many adaptations, which include film, opera, radio and television dramatizations. The novel is worth your precious time.

4- Me and Rumi autobiography by Shams of Tabriz

This is the autobiography of Shams of Tabriz who was the man behind the spiritual transformation of a well-versed religious scholar of all times Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi. Shams of Tabriz turned Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi into an acclaimed mystical poet of love. This book really sinks in the heart and soul of the reader bit by bit. This autobiography is a spiritual and cultural treasure we all must hold dear. Me and Rumi is, beyond the shred of doubt, a feast for spiritually inclined readers.